Various pop culture press - sampler #8

Ahead of their Late Late Show special tonight, Aslan have confirmed to Hot Press that they will play the outdoor venue on Saturday, 21 July. The gig will be part of the band's celebrations ...

[Few topics on popular culture can be adequately researched on the web alone. These reading suggestions are designed as beginning points for further offline study.]

Speaking of illusions, every time we meet a new character, we now wonder whether they are real or a figment of Elliot's imagination. Please let Kramer-hating Leon be real . One of the great merits of the show is its ability to flip the switch from mirage to reality and back again seamlessly, leaving us unable to trust the story unfolding before us. Even when we get off the couch, the suspicions that the show arouses linger, just like Mr. Robot himself. We're certain there are a great many of you that woke up this morning completely creeped out by your Nest thermostat, and for good reason.

Various Pop Culture Press - Sampler #8Various Pop Culture Press - Sampler #8Various Pop Culture Press - Sampler #8Various Pop Culture Press - Sampler #8